American Soldier Stands Up For Muslim Man Against Anti-Islamic Bigot

ABC’s “What Would You Do” captured the powerful moment when a soldier defends a Middle-Eastern man from a ranting Islamaphobe.

1. ABC’s hidden-camera series “What Would You Do” filmed random people’s reactions to an anti-Muslim bigot (an actor) ranting at a Middle-Eastern shop owner (also an actor). At 4:45, a uniformed soldier shuts the Islamaphobe down.

ID: 1625454

2. “Don’t deal with this guy,” the actor playing the racist customer tells the soldier. “He’s a Muslim.”

ID: 1625932

3. “We live in America. He can have any religion he wants,” the soldier replies.

ID: 1625970

4. “Aren’t you fighting against these guys?”

ID: 1625974

5. “Not at the moment. Right now I’m ordering a sandwich.”

ID: 1625978

6. “I don’t think he should be working here.”

ID: 1625999

7. “Buy your chips and move out.”

ID: 1626005

8. “Look, I’d like to order some food, just not from you, okay?”

ID: 1626010

9. “Get out. Put the chips down and go buy them somewhere else.”

ID: 1626020

10. “You want me to leave this place?”

ID: 1626022

11. “You have a choice to shop anywhere just like he has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That’s the reason I wear the uniform — so anyone can live free in this country. Leave the man alone. Buy your stuff. And leave.”

ID: 1626029

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