This Is What Happens If You Type The Konami Code On British Conde Nast Websites


1. This is the Konami Code, a famous video game cheat code that has become well-known in pop culture.

The Konami Code is a video game cheat code that famously would give a player an additional 30 lives if entered in the 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System video game “Contra.”

Since the advent of the internet, website programmers have sometimes included “Easter eggs” (bonus content) that can only be unlocked by entering the Konami code on the site’s homepage.

3. This is what happens if you go to the the British Vogue homepage right now, click anywhere on the page, and enter the Konami Code.

4. Also this…

6. This is what happens when you enter the Konami Code on the GQ UK website:

7. Raptors appear when you enter the code on Wired’s UK homepage.


9. also gets in on the fun.

10. Go try it out for yourself!

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11. UPDATE - 1:45 p.m.: Easy Living magazine’s reply to BuzzFeed’s raptor-related inquiry indicates that the magazine editorial staff may not have been aware of the amazing Easter egg.

@ellievhall Our official comment? We love our coding team even more! Thanks for passing on!

— EasyLivingMag (@Easy Living)

Easy Living


@ellievhall Our official comment? We love our coding team even more! Thanks for passing on!

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