This Disney Princess Eye Makeup Art Is Stunning

Makeup artist Tal Peleg is clearly a wizard.

1. Makeup artist Tal Peleg posted these amazing eye makeup designs based on the two main characters in Disney’s Frozen.

ID: 2201796

2. She’s featured princesses on her DeviantArt page before, like Cinderella…

ID: 2201811

3. The Frog Princess…

ID: 2201827

4. And the Princess and the Pea.

ID: 2201824

5. Also, in case you thought, “There’s no way that this is actually eye makeup, it’s clearly witchcraft,” here’s a shot of her full face.

ID: 2202328

6. She’s also done makeup inspired by Breaking Bad.

ID: 2201800

8. And delicious sushi, because, well, why not?!?

ID: 2201820

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