Professor Snape Doing Everyday Things

There is a “Snape Doing Things” Tumblr and it is MAGICAL.

1. Snape works on his tan.

ID: 1330501

2. Snape plays hide-and-seek.

ID: 1330499

3. Snape prepares to clean his kitchen.

ID: 1330698

4. Snape celebrates Valentine’s Day.

ID: 1330526

5. Snape just woke up and doesn’t remember what happened last night.

ID: 1330701

6. Snape goes trick-or-treating.

ID: 1330500

7. Snape’s on a train.

ID: 1330522

8. Snape works on his fitness.

ID: 1330492

9. Snape would prefer you knock next time.

ID: 1330504

10. Snape gets all tucked in with his teddy.

ID: 1330506

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