Prince Harry Visits Wounded U.S. Veterans

Prince Harry visited with soldiers wounded in action at the Walter Reed National Hospital Center.

1. Captain Harry Wales visited soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan after honoring America’s fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

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4. The British Army captain exchanged handshakes and stories with soldiers receiving physical therapy at the military rehabilitation center.

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6. Prince Harry is “just one of the guys,” one soldier wrote on Instagram.

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8. He happily posed for pictures and swapped war stories with his fellow veterans.

Got to meet the handsome Prince Harry at #walterreed today! My #woundedwarrior & I were sooo thrilled!

— WoundeddSupport (@Wounded Warrior Wife)
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10. Officials at Walter Reed showed the prince a high-tech treadmill that projects a virtual world on a screen and is used to help patients who have lost limbs with posture, balance and pain.


11. “We’ve got nothing like this back in the U.K.” he said. “You guys as Americans are used to the technology; we are always behind.”

#Harry meets Corey Garmon. Lost his legs in IED explosion in Afghan. His 1st time on treadmill today. In front of PH!

— Georginaitv (@georgina brewer)

12. He chatted with Staff Sgt. Tim Payne, 30, of Montana, who was injured by an IED in Afghanistan.

Tim Payne -- who lost both his legs in Afghanistan last year -- tells Prince Harry "it's all mind over matter".

— BBCPeterHunt (@Peter Hunt)

13. “We talked about how I got injured and that I like swimming,” Payne said after. “I told him I swim 4,000 meters a day and someday will swim the English Channel. Harry said, ‘That’s a crazy idea.’”

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14. “Although a prince, Harry is also an operational soldier - indeed he’s a soldier’s soldier,” said Royal Press Secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.

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15. “The recurring theme [of this trip] is to help recognise and bring a spotlight on to the work being done to help these outstanding young men and women.”

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