Prince Harry Makes Capitol Hill Swoon

Congressional staffers pack the halls for a glimpse of the red-headed royal. posted on

1. Staffers on Capitol Hill abandoned their desks this afternoon to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry, who is visiting the United States this week.

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Prince Harry is really messing up the local woman gravity field here in congress. #princeharry" target="_blank">">#princeharry #DC" target="_blank">">#DC

If all the women on Capitol Hill were dust bunnies, #princeharry" target="_blank">">#princeharry would be a Dyson Vacuum. Every woman is gone. Every. Single. One.

5. Then something horrible happened…

There were more Prince Harry fans here earlier -- mostly young women who work at the Capitol -- but they were politely to clear out.

The image of female Hill staffers being ushered away from Prince Harry and forced do things like, say, staff the principal, is delightful.

8. But OF COURSE they returned.

A second level of #princeharry" target="_blank">">#princeharry watchers here. Sorry, couldn't resist...

9. Some staffers even went outside the building.

Female hill staffers wait for Prince Harry #princeharryUSA" target="_blank">">#princeharryUSA

High above the Russell Senate office building awaiting Prince Harry's arrival and the throng of screeching girls.

12. Capitol Police pushed people back, but they would not be stopped.

female US senate staff have least productive afternoon in history as they wait for Prince Harry arrival

14. Update - 3:45 p.m.: Sen. John McCain exits the building to greet Prince Harry.

Senator McCain quips that he's "never seen such a crowd of young ladies" as are here to greet Prince Harry

16. UPDATE - 3:50 P.M.: Prince Harry arrives and all hell breaks lose.

you guys, the screams are never ending. guaranteed the Russell building has never seen anthing like this #PrinceHarryUSA" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarryUSA

Prince Harry with John McCain: (via @MattLaslo)" target="_blank">">@MattLaslo)

Adoring roar echoes down to Russell Rotunda -- Prince Harry is here.

#royalty" target="_blank">">#royalty day in #DC" target="_blank">">#DC #PrinceHarry" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarry and Senator #McCain" target="_blank">">#McCain

"look at all the girls here for you! pick one!" RT @hjacksonAP:" target="_blank">">@hjacksonAP: #princeharry" target="_blank">">#princeharry is here That's him with Sen. John McCain

Female staff squealing as Prince Harry comes within view when he leans in to examine exhibit #PrinceHarryUSA" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarryUSA

Capitol staffers cheered as Prince Harry walked through the Russell Senate building.

24. Update - 4:00 p.m.: Prince Harry is touring a land mine detection exhibit on Capitol Hill with Sen. McCain.

Watch live as Prince Harry visits DC" target="_blank">">

Prince Harry and S John McCain being shown equipment used to detect land mines.

26. And Capitol Hill rejoiced.

"@CamillaTominey: There's been a few whoops and wails from waiting women #PrinceHarryUSA" Please ladies have a little class! Lol! #Jealous

@tammydellinger" target="_blank">">@tammydellinger Cries of "Harry, Harry"- it was like a One Direction concert #PrinceHarry" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarry #PrinceHarryUSA" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarryUSA

Prince Harry. And a Capitol police officer protecting said prince from moi. #PrinceHarryintheUSA" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarryintheUSA

Huffington Post Style / Via Twitter: @HuffPostStyle

31. But HRH Prince Harry maintained his royal composure.

#PrinceHarry" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarry at the US Senate to tour @theHALOTrust" target="_blank">">@theHALOTrust photo exhibit - #PrinceHarryUSA" target="_blank">">#PrinceHarryUSA

33. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

One more of Prince Harry & @SenJohnMcCain" target="_blank">">@SenJohnMcCain walking upstairs #princeharryusa" target="_blank">">#princeharryusa #swoon" target="_blank">">#swoon

Senator McCain on Prince Harry media coverage: "I noticed a pro-ponderous amount of media coverage is of one gender" (that would be FEMALE)

@SenJohnMcCain" target="_blank">">@SenJohnMcCain "He's gone, he's gone", joking to crowds waiting for #princeharryusa" target="_blank">">#princeharryusa @BuzzFeedNews" target="_blank">">@BuzzFeedNews @RoyalReporter" target="_blank">">@RoyalReporter

And so, Prince Harry left. Hallways cleared. Female staffers returned to their lives, unfulfilled dreams of being a princess.

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