Police Clear Protesters Outside White House Before Obama’s Speech

Police officers set up barricades outside the White House before President Obama addressed the nation. Anti-war shouts could be heard on the White House livefeed. posted on

POLICE are clearing the protestors from the area in front of #WhiteHouse as protestors voice dissent #HandsOffSyria

#HandsOfSyria anti-war protestors remain defiant in the face of police sequester from sidewalk at #WhiteHouse

Barricade form square in Front of WH to separate protestors. US Park Police in middle @wusa9

#WhiteHouse Police have corralled protestors in zone of barricades whilst Obama announces US should attack #Syria

6. A journalist outside the White House reports that police are taking photos of protestors and police transport vehicles have arrived on the scene.

US Park Police take stills of protestors hmmmm for what ? evidence for later if something happens?@wusa9

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