Obama And Biden Go Out For Lunch

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden walked out of the White House to grab lunch at a nearby restaurant.

1. President Obama and Vice President Biden surprised everyone today by walking out of the White House to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

2. The two headed for Taylor Gourmet, a sandwich shop a few blocks away.

4. Cable news had absolutely no idea what was going on.


5. This is how CNBC relayed the news:

Dorsey Shaw / Via twitpic.com

6. President Obama ordered a turkey and provolone sandwich with mustard. Vice President Biden ordered the “9th Street Italian” sandwich, a sub with salami, capicola, prosciutto, and sharp provolone.

At sandwich shop on Penn Ave., Pres Obama & VP Biden peruse the menu board. (Pool photo by Wm McDonald, Talk Radio)

— markknoller (@Mark Knoller)

7. When asked why he and the vice president had gone out for lunch, President Obama told reporters, “Part of the reason we’re here is because we’re starving.”

.@BarackObama shakes up #shutdown Fri w/ unannounced walk out of White House grounds for lunch at Taylor Gourmet

— nedrapickler (@Nedra Pickler)

8. “The other reason we’re here is that this establishment is giving 10% off to furloughed employees. This is an indication of how ordinary Americans are looking out for one another.”

POTUS and VPOTUS order at Taylor Gourmet (a Race Street and a 9th Street)

— Phil_Mattingly (@Phil Mattingly)

9. While waiting for their sandwiches, President Obama answered some questions about the government shutdown.

More POTUS: "This shutdown could be over today. We know there are the votes."

— Phil_Mattingly (@Phil Mattingly)

“I’m happy to have negotiations but we can’t do it with a gun held to the head of the American people… There’s no winning when federal workers aren’t getting paid — even if they have to work.”

11. The president and vice president received the 10% discount for furloughed federal workers, and their lunch total came to $21.56. President Obama paid.

AFP / Getty Images

12. While walking to the restaurant, observers cheered for the president, shouting, “Hang tough, Mr. President” and “You’re doing the right thing,” per pool reports.

With sandwich in his left hand, Pres Obama greets well-wishers on the sidewalk. (Pool photo/Wm McDonald/Talk Radio)

— markknoller (@Mark Knoller)

13. The move reminded many people of this scene from The West Wing, where President Bartlet walks to Capitol Hill to meet with the speaker of the House during a government shutdown.

Confirming that this whole week is like the West Wing, Obama and Biden have just left the White House on foot

— ethanklapper (@Ethan Klapper)

"Mr. President, the Capitol's just a five- or 10-minute walk from here."

— chrisgeidner (@Chris Geidner)

16. Presidents! They’re just like us!

AFP / Getty

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