Does The New $100 Bill Have WordArt On It?

Probably not, but it certainly looks like it could have been designed in Microsoft Word.

1. This is the new $100 bill. It entered into circulation on October 8th.

2. Within a week, a Tumblr user noticed something interesting about the new legal tender.

3. BuzzFeed’s design team decided to investigate. Here’s a close-up of the number 100 on the back of the new bill.

4. First, insert new WordArt into a Microsoft Word document…


5. Next, change the font to Helvetica and make the number 100 a little larger.


6. Then go to the Text Effects tool and click on the orange color scheme.


7. The color’s not entirely correct, so right-click the WordArt and choose “Format Text Effects.”


8. Fiddling around with the gradients gives you a color scheme similar to the one on the new $100 bill.


9. And adding a purple border makes the similarity even more uncanny.


10. A side-by-side comparison:


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