Some Clever Bastards Sent William And Kate Lookalikes To The Hospital Just To Screw With The Press

This is the greatest dick move in the history of journalism. posted on

1. On Friday afternoon, reports began to surface that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had left the Middleton home in Bucklebury, sparking rumors that the royal baby might be on his or her way.

at 15:05, a police escorted car left the middleton's bucklebury home. source says will + kate are en route to london…

Exclusive: William and Kate have abruptly left her family's home in Bucklebury for London! #royalbabywatch

3. And then THIS happened outside St. Mary’s Hospital, where members of the press have been staked out for 19 days so far.

4. The (very bored) journalists outside the hospital sprang into action!

6. There was just one tiny little problem.

a pair of lookalikes sent by the sun just walked in to the Lindo wing. Bastards!!!!

Flurry of excitement as cars with "security" pull up to Lindo Wing. Wills+Kate? Not quite.. #RoyalBabyWatch

Causing a stir on Crazy Street. William and Kate lookalikes appear at the Lindo wing. A stunt by The Sun

Kate and William lookalikes arrive at Lindo Wing of St Mary's courtesy of The Sun. Great stunt #Royalbaby

Double take! Will and Kate imposters arrive at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital. #RoyalHeirETC

Great publicity stunt by The Sun. Media all jumped at it. Some comic relief during #RoyalBabyWatch

15. Well played, Sun editors. Well played.

Chris Ritter

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