13 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want To Tell You About Themselves

“I’m the family breadwinner.” Candid revelations from some self-described “SAHMs.”

BuzzFeed asked stay-at-home mothers to share something about their lives that they wanted more people to know. Their honest, amusing and heartfelt answers may surprise you.

ID: 2572654

1. Janssen Bradshaw

Courtesy of Janssen Bradshaw for BuzzFeed

Blog: everyday-reading.com

ID: 2504646

2. Regina Donahue

Courtesy of Regina Donahue for BuzzFeed

Blog: goodonegod.me

ID: 2504629

3. Katrina Harrington

Courtesy of Katrina Harrington for BuzzFeed

Blog: cedarsandtinyflowers.com

ID: 2546962

4. Stephanie K.

Courtesy of Stephanie K. for BuzzFeed

Blog: bluebird-songs.blogspot.com

ID: 2560056

5. Britt Fisk

Courtesy of Britt Fisk for BuzzFeed

Blog: thefiskfiles.com

ID: 2504618

6. Elisse Weinert

Courtesy of Elisse Weinert for BuzzFeed
ID: 2573749

7. Christina Valenzuela

Courtesy of Christina Valenzuela for BuzzFeed

Blog: momma3op.blogspot.com

ID: 2554827

8. Kathryn W.

Courtesy of Kathryn W. for BuzzFeed

Blog: through-a-glass-brightly.blogspot.com

ID: 2504676

9. Sheena Tobin

Courtesy of Sheena Tobin for BuzzFeed

Blog: beaninloveblog.com

ID: 2546718

10. Jenny Uebbing

Courtesy of Jenny Uebbing of BuzzFeed

Blog: mamaneedscoffee.com

ID: 2504728

11. Alexandra Wright

Courtesy of Alexandra Wright for BuzzFeed

Blog: hawthornediaries.com

ID: 2504703

12. Sarah Deeney

Courtesy of Sarah Deeney for BuzzFeed
ID: 2546804

13. Hayley McCullough

Courtesy of Hayley McCullough for BuzzFeed
ID: 2573755

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