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    • ELL100

      I agree with this article, this is my favorite season of Glee. Certainly better than season 3. But it is impossible to please everyone. The fact of the matter is, there HAS to be new characters to complete the Glee Club and show has to evolve as the characters get older and move on. If it didn’t, we’d be complaining about that instead. People who want “old Glee” should just go back and watch the first couple of seasons. The new actors are really talented. Glee has taken what could’ve beenatough transition and turned into an awesome opportunity for mature stories. Glee exists in this half-fantasy-half-reality universe where it balances ridiculousness with melodrama and it’s always been that way, this season more than ever. There hasn’t been one episode this season that really disappointed me. Glease was the weakest for sure, but the well written (and continually interesting) break up story lines createdabalance. My only complaint about the music this year is that it’s, until recently, played it safe. Songs from Glee that stand out from previous seasons are ones that created something original; mashups, Warbler arrangments, etc.  Obviously everything is subjective, butIthink this is one of Glee’s best seasons, the music is just as well done and the stories are mature, interesting and well executed by the actors.