15 Struggles Only Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing People Will Understand

These are just a few of the things we repeatedly hear or don’t hear.

1. “Wait, so if you can hear me then you’re not actually deaf.”

Deaf, hard of hearing… WHATEVER.

2. When people silently mouth things to you.

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You’re so clever and funny.

3. “Can I try your hearing aids on?”

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4. If you mumble…

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We can’t be friends.

5. “What’s it like being death?”

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Deaf people aren’t the only ones who need you to enunciate.

6. When somebody suggests that we play the telephone game…

Apatow Productions / Via

7. “If you can’t hear, why don’t you know sign language?”

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I do. See?

8. The majority of my conversations:

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9. Or just simply…

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10. “My grandpa has hearing aids, too!”

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11. When people complain about the movie subtitles being turned on…

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12. Trying to have a simple conversation with people…

Flower Films / Via

13. When people grow impatient repeating themselves.

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14. What I tell myself when I’m missing a seemingly interesting conversation…

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15. When people ask if I ever pretend not to hear them.

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