35 Ways You Know You Are From Philly

Yea, our number one tourist attraction has a giant crack in it. What are you going do about it?

1. You have no trouble naming America’s oldest brewery

ID: 1002096

2. “Egypt on the waterfront,” has a completely different geographical meaning

ID: 1002102

3. You believe this is appropriate New Years Day attire

Mummers parade

ID: 1002105

4. You can spell Schuylkill, Manayunk, and Conshohocken without hesitation

ID: 1002109

5. You miss this guy

ID: 1002113

6. And this guy

You’ve also sang “High Hopes” with him

ID: 1002114

7. You recognize the brilliance of Wawa

ID: 1002117

8. You trust only one man concerning the weather

ID: 1002119

9. You consider the soft pretzel a delicacy

ID: 1002122

10. You’re proud to say these guys are from Philly

ID: 1002129

11. Them too

Hall and Oates

ID: 1002130

12. Your grammer is constantly corrected because you say, “down the shore.”

ID: 1002131

13. Late night cheesesteaks elicit this reaction

ID: 1002132

14. You know SEPTA is a form of transportation and not a venereal disease

ID: 1002136

15. You’ve endured the King of Prussia Mall crowds

ID: 1002137

16. Your radio is always tuned to Power 99 FM

ID: 1002139

17. When you have to go to the Philly airport you feel like this

ID: 1002143

18. You know all about the Herr’s chips

ID: 1002148

19. This trio ruined your Sunday on multiple occasions

ID: 1002147

20. You suffer from a slight inferiority complex since you’re stuck between NYC and DC

ID: 1002152

21. You always thought the Vet had charm

ID: 1002151

22. Your first summer music festival was the Y100 Fez-tival

ID: 1002157

23. You couldn’t be more tired of the Fresh Prince theme song

ID: 1002160

24. This is the only acceptable form of bullying

Broad Street Bullies

ID: 1002150

25. You’ve ditched school or work to attend Wing Bowl

ID: 1002163

26. You’re sure Steven Starr is a culinary wizard

ID: 1002166

27. You’re aware people believe the Main Line is like this.

ID: 1002176

28. But know that it’s really more like this

ID: 1002178

29. You’re given strange looks when you ask for “wooder ice”

ID: 1002185

30. When throwing a party you make sure to have time to go to BOTH the state liquor store and beer distributor

ID: 1002182

31. You include Tastykakes as part of a well balanced breakfast

ID: 1002198

32. This voice has lead to equal amounts of joy and frustration

We love you Merrill

ID: 1002199

33. You always rooted for him to succeed in the NBA

ID: 1002201

34. You never rooted for him to succeed in the NBA

ID: 1002204

35. You know who really ended the Cold War

ID: 1002205

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