16 Awesome West Wing Cameos And Recurring Roles

The West Wing launched more than just the career of President Santos.

1. Before tormenting the students at McKinley High School Jane Lynch was a member of the White House press corp.

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2. Prior to settling down with Mitchell on Modern Family Eric Stonestreet was an aid to the White House’s Chief Council.

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3. When Connie Britton wasn’t playing the greatest mother/wife in America she was a PPO for the Bartlet campaign.

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4. Felicity Huffman wasn’t always getting involved in the shenanigans on Wisteria Lane, she was once the top adviser for the Speaker of the House.

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5. Before becoming the queen of kush, Mary Louise-Parker was fighting the feminine cause.

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6. Ty Burrell was a democratic advisor before marrying Claire and battling his father-in-law.

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7. Clark Gregg was once just a star FBI Agent before being tapped to work for SHIELD.

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8. Yes, that right there is a young Indiana farmer named Amy Adams.

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9. John Gallagher Jr was inspired by his volunteer work for the democratic party to work with Will McAvoy on News Nights

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10. Not satisfied with her stay at home lifestyle in Detroit Patricia Richardson worked as an advisor for the Arnold Vinick campagin.

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11. Terry O’Quinn wasn’t always wondering around an island. He was once the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs after the retirement of the legendary Admiral Fitzwallace.

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12. NBA champion, Fab Five member, and known Duke hater Juwan Howard played Rodney Grant who was an advisor to the President concerning physical education that went to DUKE.

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13. You might recognize the voice of season one regular Moira Kelly as the voice of a grown up Nala in the Lion King.

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14. From DC detective to Lieutenant in the Baltimore Police Department, Lance Reddick.

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15. Elisabeth Moss was traumatized First Daughter, Zoey Bartlet before playing Peggy Olson.

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16. And believe it or not Libertarian hard ass Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson was once an animal rights activist pleading his case for an interstate wolf roadway.

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