14 Ways You Know Your Baseball Team’s Season Is Doomed

There’s always next year….

1. You’re already telling yourself to “keep the faith.”

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2. You’re trying to convince yourself playing “small ball” is the smart move.

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3. You recognize as many names on the spring training roster as you would on the German chess team.

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4. This is your team’s logo.

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6. Management says they’re building for the future and ask for patience.

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7. Your big free agent acquisition is a “high-character guy.”

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8. Your minor-league prospects excite you more than anyone on your major league roster.

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9. Your team’s payroll is just barely more than this guy’s salary.

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10. There’s an “open competition” for a starting rotation spot.

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11. Your team’s offseason felt like an episode of “Pawn Stars.”

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12. Your cleanup hitter’s OPS would be considered a good credit score.

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13. Your highest-paid outfielder hasn’t been on the team since 1999.

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14. You’ve thought more about the food you’ll get on opening day than the team itself.

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