The 9 Most Annoying Tourist Habits

Anyone living in a tourist city knows the feeling. While some of the tourist habits are annoying others keep the locals entertained during long hours of people watching.

1. Choosing attire that SCREAMS out-of-towner

2. This includes wearing flip flops when visiting a city no where near a beach

3. This…SMH

4. They stop dead in their tracks while walking…

Causing a 10 man pile up behind them

5. Getting their daily squats in while taking photos

Just one more…because they are so entertaining

6. The iPad photos…Why not a phone? Or an actual camera?

7. Channeling their inner photographer when it comes to the local cuisine

8. Taking up entire sidewalks

9. and traveling as a herd. Leaving the locals feeling lost in their own cities, petrified to navigate through it

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