16 Reasons Mulan Is Actually A College Student

Mulan’s real legit. She saves China and all that. But she’s more relatable than you’d think.

1. She is given assignments that seem impossible.

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2. But somehow always manages to finish them at the last minute.

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3. Her friends talk to her about her love interests.

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4. Her family embarrasses her in front of the opposite gender.

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5. She has angsty moments.

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6. She found a quirky, loveable group of friends.

That are unlike any of the friends she had at home.

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7. She’s trying to figure out who she is.

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8. She messes up the occasional interview.

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9. She gets in trouble with authority figures.

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10. And downright fails some assignments.

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11. She finds herself in classes where she doesn’t entirely know what she is getting herself into.

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12. She and her friends take part in the occasional “your mom” joke.

Disney / Via fapje.tumblr.com
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13. She’s late for class and a general mess in the morning.

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14. Communal Showers.

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15. She has sprouts of determination.

Deciding to impersonate your father in the army…chugging some coffee and finishing the last 5 pages of your thesis, same diff.

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16. She gets an award from an old man in charge at the end.

A diploma is the same as a Medal of Honor for saving China, right?

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