Life Before Graduation

When you know your results but haven’t graduated, it’s a complicated time. posted on

1. People start calling themselves ‘graduands’.

(Graduand: a student about to graduate.)


2. But you’ve done it - you’re getting LETTERS AFTER YOUR NAME. Awesome.

3. There’s a part of you which wants to just wants to visit everybody who ever doubted you.

4. You’ve probably had to move home. Which is going… great.

5. Letting your mum know your plans in advance already seems like a drag.

Don’t be so angsty.

6. But you head out when you can… and reacquaint yourself with the locals. OH THE LOCALS.

This is not how you dreamed the end of uni.

7. At home, you spend a little time rediscovering your old hobbies.

…but mostly sit flicking between Facebook, Buzzfeed and Twitter.

8. Then your parents remind you that, you know, you’re meant to be getting a job, moving out, paying rent, feeding yourself, washing your own clothes etc, etc.

Is there an emergency service for this?

9. So you pull out your old CV…

10. …and do a little work on your cover letter…

11. …think of all the skills you’ve acquired over the years…

12. …and realise getting that dream career isn’t going to be a lot tougher than you’d thought.

13. After perfecting your CV and cover letter, you find out most companies demand you fill out online application forms instead.

‘Please list all qualifications and previous work experience…’ THEY’RE ON MY CV, DAMMIT.

14. Then it hits you. This is your life now. Application, rejection, application, rejection, application…

15. But whatever - you haven’t graduated yet. This is your grace period. All you have to worry about now is rocking your mortarboard.

…and not falling over when you collect your degree.

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