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    • druths

      My Daddy was raised by a A BIG OLD BIGOT. He knew no better ,this is the way it was in E.Tx . My Mom was raised in S.F born in West tx.,she never said a cruel word to anyone and taught me and my sister not to listen to My fathers side of the family,because they didn’t know any better & wrong in . How they married is still beyond me. They did divorce , but as he got older he realized that there was other ways to think than what his father had taught him. He finally told me he was stupid when he was making racist remarks when I was with him or ever. People do change, it’s just the past comes to bite you in the ass sometimes even when you do change. People do get educated from what they were taught,sometimes you have to UNDERSTAND how the person was raised and when they become aware there are other ways of thinking. Just give people a chance.