10 Things You Never Knew About Ice Cream Cones

What would we do without ice cream sundae cones? Find out how the magical treats came to be and grab a Nestlé Drumstick, and raise it high!

1. The very first ice cream-like food was created in China in 618-97AD - it contained ice, buffalo milk, flour and camphor.

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2. The first ice cream parlor opened in 1776 in New York City.

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3. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were said to be big fans of ice cream, serving it to their guests often for dessert.

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4. The ice cream cone was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

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5. The automatic waffle cone roller was invented in 1909.

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6. The average American eats 20 quarts of ice cream a year.

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7. The world’s biggest ice cream cone was assembled in 2012 - it was 13 feet tall, about as tall as one standard building story.

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8. An ice cream cone breakfast cereal came out in 1987 - it was pulled from shelves after just one year.

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9. The ice cream drumstick earned its name after the inventor’s wife observed that it looked a little like a fried chicken leg.

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10. The word “sundae” came about during a time where laws prevented the sale of ice cream on Sundays in certain states. Obscuring the ice cream with toppings got around the law.

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