21 Hilarious Senior Thesis Proposals That Actually Need To Be Written

The life of the scholar isn’t for everyone.

1. The Rise and Fall of the Sillybandz Empire

ID: 3151468

2. Five Second Rule: The Statistical Likelihood That You Really Will Die If You Eat the French Fry That Fell on the Cafeteria Floor

ID: 3151541

3. If I Can Have a Food Baby, Why Can’t I Birth a Pizza?

ID: 3151494

4. The 63 Most Popular Songs by Disney Stars, and How Best to Avoid Them

ID: 3152123

5. The “Makes-Squelchy-Sound-to-Deliciousness” scale: How Good Must Something Taste to Overcome the Revolting Texture

Disney / Via gifsec.com
ID: 3151624

6. The Kama Sutra of Twin-Bed Cuddling

ID: 3152355

7. How to Unwrap the Rice Krispie Treat You’re Eating for Breakfast Without Waking Your Light-Sleeping Roommate

ID: 3151864

8. “Expired” is a Relative Term: The Absolute Last Possible Date On Which You Can Eat Something Without Experiencing Dysentery

ID: 3151576

9. If All Anyone Wants for Christmas is Their Two Front Teeth, Why Is No One Grateful When They Grow Back In: An Exploration of American Greed

Legendary Pictures / Via celebquote.com
ID: 3151899

10. How to Keep Friends (And Enemies) From Noticing That You Have Three Pairs of the Same Jeans and Wear Them Literally Every Day

ID: 3152130

11. Why, Scientifically, That Girl Looks Better in Yoga Pants than You: A Meandering Through The Concepts of Beauty and its Correlates with Rump Proportion

ID: 3152155

12. Baby Seals Go Clubbin’: Violence, Innocence, and Nightclub Culture

ID: 3153831

13. Rhianna: An Illustrated Journey

NBC / Via weheartit.com
ID: 3153837

14. Why Salt Makes Things Taste Cheesier

ID: 3153871

15. Why I Can Only Get Out of Bed to the Sounds of “Laffy Taffy” By D4L

ID: 3153872

16. Foster the People Lyrics Translated Translated Into Understandable English

ID: 3153886

17. The Scientifically Proven Most Effective Passive Aggressive Notes to Leave Your Roommate

ID: 3153907

18. Where Are They Now: That Slightly Overweight Woman You Thought Was Your Mom in the Grocery Store Six Years Ago

The CW / Via thedailyfandom.com
ID: 3153944

19. I Dream of Cheetos: 101 American Snack Foods That Will Not Be Available in the Country Where You’re Studying Abroad For Three Months

Relativity Media / Via olimpocraft.com
ID: 3153954

20. Do You Have 11 Protons, Because You Are Sodium Fine: Cheesy Pickup Lines Through the Ages

ID: 3430526

21. The Detrimental Effects of Male Abbreviation of “You’ to ‘U” on Female Perceptions of Attractiveness

New Line Cinema / Via wifflegif.com
ID: 3430528

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