What Is Your Preferred Dipping Sauce?

One of life’s most dire questions.

1. All right, so let’s say you’re at your favorite eating establishment.

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2. And you’re bombarded with sauce options.

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3. Of course, everyone has their favorite dipping sauce. / Via CBS / Happy Madison Productions

Not sure how well that compliments chicken nuggets, but to each his own.

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4. You can’t go wrong with ketchup.

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5. But BBQ sauce compliments everything pretty well.

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6. Or maybe you’re a Ranch dressing lover.

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7. Mayonnaise could be another option.

Particularly for you Belgians out there.

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8. Or perhaps your heart belongs to something more proprietary.

Chick-fil-a sauce, Horsey Sauce, Border Sauce… take your pick.

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9. Some good, old-fashioned honey has been historically popular.

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10. And even cocktail sauce has some fans.

Hey, it’s not just for shrimp anymore.

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11. So which sauce is your go-to sauce?

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12. Let us know in the comments, and keep on dippin’.

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