Today Is National Dessert Day

In case you needed an excuse to treat yourself.

1. October 14th is National Dessert Day

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2. So do your civic duty, and have dessert today

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3. Consider these options

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4. Maybe a Chocolate Fountain is in your future

ID: 1797713

5. Or a lovely Pumpkin Pie

This one’s for you, Canada. Happy Thanksgiving.

ID: 1797704

6. This delightful Strawberry Cheesecake

ID: 1797709

7. Maybe these Snickerdoodle Cupcakes will do the trick

ID: 1797711

8. You could take this as your chance to get your hands on a Cronut

ID: 1797756

9. Or maybe just a regular doughnut will do

ID: 1797761

10. If you are more health conscious, you could bite into this juicy array of fruits

ID: 1797764

11. And then you could follow it up with this double chocolate cake

ID: 1797766

12. Perhaps you are more of the creme brulee type

ID: 1797787

13. Or, when all else fails, there’s always Ice Cream

ID: 1797802

19. Yeah. Ice cream is great!

ID: 1797912

20. Happy National Dessert Day!

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