The Most Annoying Thing When Job Hunting

Take note, people in hiring positions.

1. You are super excited, you just had a great interview

“I think we are really looking for some one just like you! You seem like an excellent candidate!”

ID: 1629043

2. Maybe you talked to about a dozen people over the course of a few weeks

“You are truly exceptional in every way possible.”

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3. Either way, you think you have finally made it

“Hey, Mom, I think I might have something!”

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4. There is just one catch…

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5. “We just have to interview a few more people, we’ll be in touch early next week.”

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6. You head out over the weekend to celebrate

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7. And then IT happens…

ID: 1629086

8. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

Nothing happens.

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9. There is no phone call

ID: 1629094

10. There is no email

ID: 1629095

11. There is absolutely nothing

ID: 1629105

12. You don’t know what to do

ID: 1629116

13. You start sending emails

Dear Sir or Madam,

You said I should email anytime if I had a question. Well, I have a question: Did you hire me or did you not hire me?


ID: 1629125

14. No reply? Maybe I’m going to the spam folder. Better call!

ID: 1629134

15. You finally realize, they are never going to reply.

ID: 1629142

16. And they never do. Ever.

ID: 1629167

17. Not getting the job is annoying, but never really knowing you didn’t get it is significantly more annoying

ID: 1629202

18. This is you forever

ID: 1629179

19. This is them

Because they don’t have you to high five.

ID: 1629184

20. So, just to recap, when you say you will let someone know in a few days, let them know in a few days whether the news is good or bad

Otherwise, you are guilty of doing the most annoying thing to a job seeker.

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