The 10 Best Anagrams Of ‘Super Bowl’

The Big Game is what happens when Cal plays Stanford. Instead, advertisers, consider these anagrams when offering television and pizza delivery specials.

1. Bowlers Up

Who do you think you are? I am.

2. Elbow Spur

No pain, no gain… right?

3. Lubes Prow

Perfect for all the nautical themed football promotions.

4. Brow Pulse

If you know what I mean…

5. Orb Slew Up

Sounds like a great side dish name too.

6. Rub Lop Sew

Come on down for our Rub Lop Sew special at your local hospital!

7. Bus Per Owl

In honor of the Bus Per Owl this Sunday, if you bring us an owl, you will get a bus!

8. Burs We Lop

Also the name of a highly specialized landscaping company that focuses exclusively on removing the most annoying things in the botanical world.

9. Bowl Purse

The men will have their fun on Sunday, but, ladies, for you it’s Bowl Purse Sunday where all Purses that could double as Bowls are 25% off!

10. Re Blowups

I mean, wouldn’t you open an email with the subject line Re: Blowups?

Work it, Superb Owls. Sunday is your day to shine.

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