Pittsburgh Pirates Player Will Walk Up To The Plate This Season To “Let It Go”

The Bucs’ backup catcher is a man after your hearts, Frozen fans.

1. You, of course, know of the Academy Award winning song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.

The Walt Disney Company / Via youtube.com

Performed by Idina Menzel… or was it Adele Dazeem?

ID: 2673622

2. Well, you should know about the Pittsburgh Pirates’ backup catcher Tony Sanchez.

ID: 2673636

3. Because Sanchez is planning to march up to his at-bats this season to “Let It Go.”

ID: 2673645

4. And besides being a pretty spectacular young baseball player…

ID: 2673658

5. Who makes pretty epic catches on occasion like this…

ID: 2673664

6. He’s also a pretty dapper dude.

ID: 2673668

7. But, should “Let It Go” not be your main jam, he’s put out two other options.

ID: 2673675

8. Nelly’s “E.I.”

ID: 2673676

9. And Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”

ID: 2673678

10. Here’s to you, Tony!

The Walt Disney Company / Via giphy.com

Let’s be done with winter and get back to baseball.

ID: 2673688

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