27 Signs You Went To College In Maine

They were the best years of your life, and you spent them among the pine trees and moose.

1. When You Tell People Your School was/is in Maine, They Assume You Are Moderately Insane

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2. Fall is Your Favorite Season

ID: 1588635

3. Cold Starts at 10° F

ID: 1588698

4. If it was Warmer than 40° F, It was Time For Shorts

ID: 1588853

5. Everyone Assumes You Had Lobster in the Dining Hall

ID: 1588528

6. When People Came to Visit, They Wanted to Go Here

You had to figure out where this was (Hint: Cape Elizabeth)

ID: 1588777

7. This Situation May Have Happened to You

So Much Flannel

ID: 1589215

8. The Question was Never Whether You Skied, But How Often

You Probably Invested in at Least One Season Pass

ID: 1588655

9. You’ve Taken Multiple Trips to Acadia National Park

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10. Hearing the Phrase “Just Outside of Boston” is Physically Painful

ID: 1588596

11. Your Professors Brought Their Dogs to Class

You knew both your professors and their dogs on a first name basis

ID: 1589444

12. Winter Was a Six-Month Commitment

ID: 1588871

13. You Own an Arsenal of Winter Stuff

Showshoes… don’t know where they came from.

ID: 1589523

14. You Have an Educated Opinion on Both Tim Horton’s and Dunkin Donuts

ID: 1588912

Yay for Options!

ID: 1588916

15. Hockey Was the Most Important Sport on Campus

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16. The Dating Scene Was… Interesting

ID: 1588746

17. Having a Car Made You Very Popular on Friday Afternoons

ID: 1589541

18. Blueberries are a Way of Life

ID: 1588797

19. You’ve Been to L.L. Bean in Freeport at 2 am

The place never closes.

ID: 1589106

20. You Tried Moxie Once

ID: 1589411

21. At Least One of Your Friends was Really Into Phish

ID: 1589243

22. You Have a Special Place in Your Liver for Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead

ID: 1589268

23. “Wet Hot American Summer” is One of Your Favorite Movies

ID: 1589317

24. You Would Occasionally Go on Joy Rides to Look at Views

Robert F. Bukaty / AP
ID: 1589331
Source Inc. / AP
ID: 1589350
Robert F. Bukaty / AP
ID: 1589355
Robert F. Bukaty / AP
ID: 1589366

25. You Did the Same Thing Every Weekend

ID: 1588615

26. You Made Some Great Friends

“We’re all in this together, people!”

ID: 1589564

27. This Happened and You Still Went to Class

Robert F. Bukaty / AP

So much snow

ID: 1589403

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