27 Of The Best Things About Going On Vacation As A Kid

So many cars, so many airplanes, so many trains.

1. Pajamas in the airport? Not a problem when you are a kid!

Luca Chelsea / Splash News

No judgement for anyone under the age of 10!

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2. You could always find time to visit a zoo

ID: 1922990

4. Even short trips to destinations nearby seemed like the best thing that ever happened

I’ve never been across the river… This is going to be fantastic.

ID: 1923227

5. Your luggage was fabulous

Totally useless, but it didn’t matter… you were traveling!

ID: 1922669

6. Speaking of which, somebody is always there to carry that luggage

Flickr: ct_barbarian / Creative Commons

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

ID: 1922780

7. Going to the airport was fun and entertaining

Moving walkways! Escalators! Trams! Planes!

What is this wonderland?

ID: 1922665

8. You could eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and not feel like you were corrupting your love of music

Flickr: meironke / Creative Commons

I don’t care that this is France, I want to see a shirt that Elvis wore a few times and eat some nachos.

ID: 1836684

9. Trains!

Seriously, trains are great!

ID: 1922692

10. Maybe you got to visit your grandparents


Grandparents rock!

ID: 1923193

11. There was always plenty of legroom

Photograph by Lars Plougmann / Flickr: criminalintent / Creative Commons
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12. Matching outfits don’t seem bothersome

Jackson Lee/NPG.com
ID: 1923250

13. You could do the most touristy things and not feel self-conscious about it

ID: 1923209

14. Camping seemed like the fun option, not the budget option

ID: 1923078

15. Whatever the destination was, you were so excited

But you were especially excited if it was the happiest place on Earth

ID: 1922888

Shoutout to the Monorail!

ID: 1923241

16. Screaming babies are not a problem for you!

You are the screaming baby!

ID: 1922810

17. But… if you were good, the friendly Pilot would give you wings

And occasionally show off the cockpit.

ID: 1923233

18. The window seat was a gift from above!

Flickr: zoagli / Creative Commons

“This is your captain speaking… to our left and right are miles and miles of awesome!”

ID: 1922836

19. You could visit an art museum

And acting mature was only an option…

ID: 1923180

20. Walking into a hotel was like walking into your dreams

Flickr: a2gemma / Creative Commons
ID: 1923031

21. You are never traveling for business

Purpose of your trip? PLEASURE!!

ID: 1922725

22. There was always a Junior Park Ranger badge waiting for you.

Flickr: katerha / Creative Commons
ID: 1923237

23. There were all kinds of license plates for you to discover

Flickr: woodysworld1778 / Creative Commons

What’s with all these Alberta plates? Oh yeah! I’m in Alberta!!

ID: 1922683

24. Roadside attractions were not optional stops

Flickr: litandmore / Creative Commons

They were required stops. Where else are you going to see a museum of vacuum cleaners but here?

ID: 1923170

25. Hotel beds

ID: 1922900

26. Security seemed fun

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

If I could just please leave my shoes on… Maybe?

ID: 1922936

27. When you finally got home, you got to brag to all your friends


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h/t to Greg Ray for a lot of these.

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