20 Extraordinarily Obvious Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Because who needs life hacks anyways.

1. Here’s some breaking news…

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2. Be ready when you get slapped with a lawsuit, people!

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3. I’m looking at you, annoying guy sitting in 24G…

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4. Call of Duty > Skin Cancer…

ID: 3550935

5. See the light!

ID: 3551069

6. You heard it here first.

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7. Why didn’t you think of this before…

ID: 3550470

8. In case you are worried about sharks and such…

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9. Pie solves all problems.

ID: 3551656

10. Listen up, sports fans:

ID: 3551057

11. They aren’t just for hanging on your wall after all!

ID: 3550959

12. How about some change you can believe in…

ID: 3550514

13. This is Earth shattering stuff…

ID: 3551677

14. Your parents are waiting…

ID: 3550568

15. Seriously, people!

ID: 3550708

16. The Fault In Our Stars, this is your notice.

ID: 3551634

17. Important for your rustic themed wedding…

ID: 3550976

18. You could still be Batman, though…

ID: 3551005

19. I know, your dreams have been ruined…

ID: 3551019

This is you right now

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h/t to Matt Saccaro.

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