10 Questions East Asian Studies Majors Are Tired Of Answering

Yeah, that’s right East Asian Studies. It’s a major; look it up!

1. You Study What?

The Culture of East Asia. Haven’t heard of it? Makes Sense — Only 1.5 billion people live there.

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2. Can You Order For Me?

Every time you go out for any kind of East Asian foods.

ID: 1555238

3. Do You Want To Go To The Anime Convention?

ID: 1555230

4. Why Don’t You Major In Something Legitimate?

I’m sorry, but aren’t you an English Major?

ID: 1559456

5. Why don’t you say something in Chinese/Japanese/Korean?

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6. Sake Bomb?


ID: 1555240

7. When Is China Taking Over?

Depends on how you define taking over.

ID: 1559486

8. What Do You Think About Psy?

This answer may be longer than anticipated.

ID: 1555232

9. Do You Have a Thing For Asians?

No Comment…

ID: 1555227

10. What Are You Going To Do For A Career?

Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Well, Secretary of the Treasury is always an option. Better question is what are you going to do for a career.

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