10 Lakes That Are Begging You To Jump In


1. Jordan Pond, Maine, United States

ID: 1818613

2. Hallstätter See, Austria

ID: 1818856

3. Lago Maggiore, Switzerland and Italy

ID: 1818770

4. Lake Baikal, Russia

ID: 1818636

5. Lake Pehoé, Chile

ID: 1818830

6. Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Zambia

ID: 1818801

7. Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

ID: 1818583

8. Upper St. Regis Lake, New York, United States

ID: 1818686

9. Windermere, United Kingdom

ID: 1818761

10. Wisini Lake, Minnesota, United States

ID: 1818745

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