Margaret Atwood’s Game Is Here And It’s Awesome

You may know her an acclaimed author and the queen of Twitter but now Margaret Atwood is taking over your smartphone (and free-time). Behold, Atwood’s new game, Intestinal Parasites!

1. Welcome to Helthwyzer Labs…

2. Here is your mission, should you accept it.

3. Now, let’s look inside at MaddAddam’s world.

4. Your goal is to follow this journey.

5. Starting at the labs, you’ve got a few parasites to take care of…

6. And it’s not as easy at it looks!

Don’t mix too many drugs. Kill all the parasites. Watch your health meter. There’s a lot going on in this pharmaceutical nightmare!

8. And remember: DON’T DIE.

10. Intrigued?

Download “Intestinal Parasites” in the iTunes App Store or on your Android device!

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