9 Ghosts Of Authors You Wish You Could Meet

It’s Halloween and the spirit world has opened up. Let’s hold a seance, shall we?

1. Virginia Woolf

Read The Haunted House and then meet this haunted lady. Yes. Please.

2. Henry James

The man was a master of the ghost story, you can’t tell me his spirit isn’t the COOLEST….

3. Ole’ Willy Shakespeare

Call me crazy but I think the world has a LOT of questions for this guy. It would be more like a ghost inquisition.

4. Laura Ingalls Wilder

We just want to know how she’s able to tweet from the grave.

5. The Brontë Sisters

Steal a lock of (ghostly) hair to replicate the incredibly literary DNA.

6. Lord Byron

C’mon, you would LOVE to pick his brain. Debt! Affairs! Alleged incest with a half-sister! Byron has some serious dinner stories.

7. Salinger

“This whole goddam house stinks of ghosts. I don’t mind so much being haunted by a dead ghost, but I resent like hell being haunted by a half-dead one.”

― J.D. Salinger

(I, for one, wouldn’t mind that stink of the ghost if it was his)

8. Mark Twain

This wish could come true! It’s said that he still haunts one of this old Manhattan apartments in the stairwell!

9. Edgar Allen Poe


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