17 Reasons Why Fall Was Made For Reading

Snuggle up, hop in a pile of leaves and crack open a new book.

1. You can do this…

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Seriously, Snuggie season leaves your hands free for books AND snacks.

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2. That down comforter and bedside table of books are calling your name.

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3. But you still have the option to read outside

HELLLLLO, foliage!

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4. Fall wardrobe options were made for book nerds.

Scarves and boots go great with glasses, it’s a fact.

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5. Seriously, the ‘it’ bags for fall are perfect for carrying books.

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6. Nothing goes better together than a pumpkin coffee and a good book.

Seriously. NOTHING.

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7. And the baked goods, OH THE BAKED GOODS!

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8. You can dress like your favorite fictional character for Halloween!

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9. Or you can dress like them every day…

Hey, Holden.

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10. Rainy, cold days = no guilt in staying inside

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11. Reading is comfortable because it’s no longer “too hot to do ANYTHING”

C’mon. That’s totally a thing! It was, like, a million degrees this summer, you totally sweat on your book pages…

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12. And with the heat waves over, your cat is ready to snuggle with you again.

Fluffy, we missed you.

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13. It’s like the “blockbuster” season for books!

Dissident Gardens, Sycamore Row, MaddAddam, Doomed, Dexter’s Final Cut. Where do we begin?!

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14. Everyone’s done with summer vacationing; BOOK CLUB IS BACK!

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15. Four Words: Reading By A Fireplace

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16. Hitting the couch to watch football on Sundays.

Psych!… we’re reading.

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17. Reading: just feels so good this time of year.

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