13 Worst Things That Can Happen While You’re Reading

You sit down, snuggle up, open a good book and…

1. You spill your coffee.

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2. Your subway car gets crowded.

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3. You still have to go to work or school.

Even though you JUST GOT TO THE BEST PART!

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4. Your favorite character dies.

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5. Your bookmark falls out.

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6. Your favorite author’s new book is a total flop.

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7. You have to go to the bathroom…

and you’re in public so you can’t take the book with you.

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8. Papercuts

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9. You Discover A Missing Page

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10. Someone tells you the surprise twist ending.

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11. You start to get car sick on a long trip.

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12. You left your book somewhere.

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13. You have to wait for your friends to finish a book so you can FINALLY talk about it

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