13 Things To Do With Books Instead Of Banning Them

Banned Books Week is almost over. Let’s reflect on all the great things we can do with these lovely knowledge vessels instead of, you know, banning them!

1. To start: Read them.

2. Give them as gifts.

3. Use them as an excuse to drink.

It’s called “Book Club”, okay?

4. Use them outsmart your friends.

5. Make a tree out of them.

6. Craft with them!

7. Praise them.

(this one’s for all you kids who felt sick during the ‘crafting’ portion of this post.

8. Use them to help you understand (read: tolerate) sporting events.

(or really, just, like, distract yourself from that loud game going on around you.

10. Use them to transport yourself to other worlds.

11. Accessorize with them.

12. Use them as a sun shield at the beach.

13. Pretty much anything BUT this.

You can do pretty much anything. But like, JUST DON’T BAN THEM OKAY?

It’s just silly.

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