12 Things To Expect When You Start Reading "Discworld"

If you haven’t already read Terry Pratchett’s phenomenal series, you’re going to need to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

1. To start, you’re going to be blown away by how awesome Discworld is.

2. Then, you might be inspired to make this cake.

Or just eat it.

3. And you’re going to want to crack open one of these beers.

Inspired by the characters!

4. Your mind will start filling with new Cosplay ideas.

Check out this stylin’ take on Discworld’s Sam Vimes

5. This tattoo might happen…

6. You’ll want to construct your own Unseen University from paper.

7. Or you may fill your home with crafts like this.

8. You’ll buy these shoes.

9. Or this tee-shirt of the Hogfather.

10. You’ll covet this Ankh Morpork City Watch Badge.

11. You’ll do whatever Terry tells you to.

And you don’t mess with someone as cool as Terry Pratchett.

12. And then, you’ll just keep reading…

Luckily for everyone, Terry Pratchett recently signed a 10 book deal!

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