The 11 Best Daily Download Videos On The Internet

Multimedia media critic Howard Kurtz and his trusty sidekick Lauren Ashburn are attempting to conquer the internet one YouTube video at a time.

1. Are You And Other Newsbabes Dressing Sexy for Ratings?

ID: 1129865

2. The Daily Download discovers Snapchat.

ID: 1129845

3. Should Washington Post Be Spotlighting Michelle’s Big Butt?

ID: 1129848

4. Why Do Crazy Reporters Stand Out in Rain?

ID: 1129887

5. Is Facebook Over?

ID: 1129857

6. What? You Take Your Smartphone Into the Bathroom?

ID: 1129882

7. Grammar Cops Invade Twitter—And Some Don’t C It As Gr8

ID: 1129863

8. Farewell to 2012 Pundits and Their Dumb Cliches

ID: 1129872

9. More Dual-Screen Users Tweeting and Commenting During Presidential Debates

ID: 1129877

10. Breaking News! Beyonce Lip-Synced! Should We Care?

ID: 1129860

11. Media Are Missing the Pain of Being Jobless

ID: 1129878

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