How Much Time Did Cable News Channels Spend Covering Yesterday’s Prop. 8 Hearings?

Guess which network was the least interested. Three very different approaches to a historic day.

MSNBC devoted 376 minutes to the first day of the Supreme Court hearing arguments about gay rights in America.

ID: 1019140

CNN had 159 minutes of coverage.

ID: 1019141

Fox News spent 60 minutes on the subject.

ID: 1019142


ID: 1019158

Fox and Friends spent 73 seconds on the “historic” hearings during its 3 hour broadcast.

ID: 1019366

Every show on MSNBC did at least two segments on the subject.

ID: 1019368

Amanda Knox was mentioned 63 times on CNN during the same period of time.

ID: 1019372

Data based on broadcast hours between 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST on 3/26/13


ID: 1019143

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