Here’s What The Average Cable News Host Looks Like

Spolier: The average cable news host is a pretty white man wearing lipstick.

What happens when you morph together the faces of 32 cable news hosts?

ID: 973202


ID: 973205

BONUS: Some of the best morphs.

ID: 973312

Soledad O’Brien + Chuck Todd

ID: 973208

Gretchen Carlson + Steve Doocy

ID: 973245

Mika Brzezinski + Joe Scarborough

ID: 973214

Anderson Cooper + Al Sharpton

ID: 973223

Alex Wagner + Piers Morgan

ID: 973365

Ed Schultz + Erin Burnett

ID: 973233

S.E. Cupp + Touré

ID: 973241

Dan Perino + Greg Gutfeld

ID: 973250

Bill O’Reilly + Rachel Maddow

ID: 973251

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