Conservatives Outraged At Suggestion Colorado Shooter Belonged To Tea Party

Conservatives took to Twitter to denouonce ABC News reporter Brian Ross for passing off a simple Google search as proof that Aurora theater shooter James Holmes has ties to the Tea Party. posted on

1. Here’s ABC’s report connecting Holmes to the Tea Party from this morning’s Good Morning America broadcast.

I'm not sure whether the left's reflexive scapegoating of Tea Party for every act of violence says more about their ignorance or malice.

There are over 25 James Holmes in and around Aurora, but ABC News found a Tea Party member with that name. Big suprise!

ABC's Brian Ross positing potential tea party link 2Aurora shooter not surprising. Media did the same thing in aftermath of Giffords.

Love how some in MSM go 2 great lengths 2 try 2 find Tea Party links when violence occurs, but won't report documented violence in Occupy

It says much about the state of our media that the first place they look when trying to place blame for horrific tragedy is the tea party.

That didn't take long: ABC draws possible Tea Party connection with alleged Aurora shooter…" target="_blank">">…

Hey @BrianRoss" target="_blank">">@BrianRoss @GStephanopoulos" target="_blank">">@GStephanopoulos why did you blame Tea Party re:James Holmes in Batman #theatershooting" target="_blank">">#theatershooting" target="_blank">"> on @GMA" target="_blank">">@GMA on @ABC?" target="_blank">">@ABC?

Even a liberal shamed Ross and ABC.

Typical wild recklessness from Brian Ross" target="_blank">"> (via @adamserwer)

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