Brooklyn Residents All Look Alike To This CNN Anchor

“You go to Brooklyn, everybody’s got a beard and plaid shirt. They may be able to tell each other apart but they kind of all look alike to me.”

An OutFront segment about the viral clip of Samuel L. Jackson reacting to a reporter who mistook him for Laurence Fishburne featured CNN’s own Don Lemon who told host Erin Burnett, “People do look alike,” adding that he has trouble telling some groups of people apart.

Using himself as an example, Lemon said that people used to confuse him with former CNN employee T.J. Holmes all the time, but he’d just laugh it off and say, “I’m the other black guy.”

Burnett’s take was that Jackson handled the situation “beautifully,” but she probably gets mistaken for Emily Deschanel a lot, because, “Two white women with blue eyes, there you go.”

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