An Epic “Illegal Immigration” Debate Happened On Twitter

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant, had a very civil Twitter discussion about immigration in the U.S. So civil, in fact, Vargas even offered to make Malkin dinner!

1. It all started with Malkin Tweeting out a link to her latest blog post:

ID: 1041136

2. This prompted Vargas to offer up a dinner/debate:

ID: 1041138

6. Vargas’s sincerity got Malkin to accept his offer:

ID: 1041040

7. Malkin continued Tweeting links in support of her argument for a few minutes:

ID: 1041114

24. Then someone who goes by SooperMexican chimed in:

ID: 1041094

29. Twitter was pleased:

ID: 1041189

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