Why Office "Perks" Secretly Destroy Your Sanity

With benefits like these, who needs drawbacks? Welcome aboard!

1. You get paid vacation days!

ID: 791632

But you can’t use them during the two weeks blacked out before and after every major holiday.

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2. You get sick days!

ID: 791661

That no one ever takes when they’re actually sick.

ID: 791672

Instead they come to work and infect everyone else. Repeat ad nauseum.

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3. You get free snacks!

ID: 791708

But someone else always gets the last of the good ones right before you.

ID: 791711

4. You get a complimentary gym membership!

ID: 791763

That you will never use.

ID: 791770

5. You get your own cubicle!

ID: 791924

But it doesn’t dampen sound at all.

ID: 791930

6. You get lightning fast Internet!

ID: 791878

But every site in the world is blocked.

ID: 791832

7. You get a 401k and stock options!

ID: 791990

But are afraid to admit you don’t understand what the hell that means.

ID: 791952

8. And of course, you make salary now!

ID: 791971

Which means no more overtime pay. Ever.

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