Why Isn’t “Magic The Gathering: Game Of Thrones Edition” A Real Thing?

I’ll trade you two Joffreys for a Robb. Look Wizards of the Coast, Tumblr user Jermtube made all the cards, now all you have to do is profit.

1. House Stark Starter Deck

2. House Baratheon Starter Deck

3. House Lannister Starter Deck

4. House Greyjoy Starter Deck

5. House Mormont Starter Deck

6. House Stark Expansion Pack

7. Mystics Booster Pack

8. Cloak and Dagger Booster Pack

9. Kings & Queens Booster Pack

10. Dothraki Booster Pack

11. Old Kings Booster Pack

12. Unlikely Knights Booster Pack

13. Highborn Outcasts Booster Pack

14. Symbolism Booster Pack

15. Beyond The Wall Booster Pack

16. Maesters Booster Pack

17. Those Without Honor Booster Pack

18. Nightmare Fuel Booster Pack

19. Force Of Nature Booster Pack

20. Arya’s Advisors Booster Pack

21. Irredeemable Evil Booster Pack

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