15 Ways To Blend In According To “Star Trek” Aliens

Humans are suspicious but easy to trick! Make sure you follow these tips to have a hassle-free time traveling experience.

1. Invest in some quality hats. Humans love hats.

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2. Knitting is a logical, orderly hobby to help augment your hat collection.

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3. Consider a dapper fedora. Humans will be dazzled into overlooking your exposed ears.

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4. If you leave home without a hat, a hasty cowl* will suffice.

*Deflect any and all invitations to lead a human cult.

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5. WARNING: Only use this hat if trapped in Germany or occupied territories between 1939-1945!

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6. When time traveling to the 1980s, a headband* says “I know of Flash Dance and love this human fashion phenomenon!”

*Note: Also wearing a robe reminiscent of a Jedi Knight may send a mixed message and out you as an alien.

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7. Or just style your hair to cover your ears. Voilà! Instant hottie disguise.

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8. For the forehead challenged, a Stetson is a go-to fashion accessory.

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9. A medieval hoodie has the added bonus of keeping the chill out.

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10. For the single Klingon looking for love, the pimp hat is a universal human mating signal.

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11. While not the most fashionable, the “broken nose” ruse is effective and earns respect/sympathy from humans.

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12. Invest in a travel tube of body paint to cover up telltale spots of a Trill native in case of emergency time travel.

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13. Androids may use facial hair to draw attention away from their deathly pallor.

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14. Facial hair combined with the classic hat can be a perfect* solution to many human interactions!

*Be mindful of human cultures and try not to make Data’s beginner appropriation mistake.

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15. Of course, when in doubt the intrepid android can mollify suspicious humans by claiming to be “French.”

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