24 Ways The Future Japan Imagined In 1970 Was Better Than What We Got

The Osaka Expo teased a future of misty buildings and electric trees. Instead we got smartphones and tablets. Total rip-off.

1. Aerial view of the Osaka Expo ‘70.

ID: 1526313

2. Osaka Expo entrance, guarded by the Tower of the Sun.

ID: 1525938

3. Close-up of the Tower of the Sun.

ID: 1526070

4. Toshibia-IHI Pavilion went balls to the wall with retro-futurism.

ID: 1525892

5. As did the official Expo Tower.

ID: 1525939

6. Takara Beautilion Pavilion had a modular feel.

ID: 1525945

7. Takara Beautilion Pavilion front angle.

ID: 1526075

8. People looking at the future of communication at the Telecommunication Pavilion.

ID: 1525947

9. Swiss Pavilion lit up the night with an electrical tree.

ID: 1525985

10. Sumitomo Fairy Tale Pavilion consisted of nine “flying saucers” housing various mythological tales from around the world.

ID: 1526003

11. Hanging Gondolas were the future of sky travel.

ID: 1526027

12. Or at least the future of World Expo travel.

ID: 1526146

13. Furukawa Pavilion stands tall in the center of a panoramic view.

ID: 1526046

14. Canada Pavilion predicted the glass buildings of today pretty well.

ID: 1526157

15. Textiles Pavilion with a garden in the foreground.

ID: 1526214

16. The Italian Pavilion with the Hong Kong Pavilion behind it.

ID: 1526262

17. Malaysian Pavilion with futuristic space bench seating behind.

ID: 1526264

18. The Pepsi Pavilion had a constantly generating mist effect.

ID: 1526534

19. Which turned into a low-hanging cloud as visitors boarded the moving walkway.

ID: 1526538

20. The Green Pavilion was definitely not suggestive at all.

ID: 1526323

21. Waterfalls sprayed at night while swan paddle boats ruled the day.

ID: 1526285

22. Praha restaurant and it optimistically futuristic decor.

ID: 1526371

23. Bulgarian Pavilion had a very Egyptian and/or modern Louvre feel.

ID: 1526507

24. And the USSR Pavilion (obviously).

ID: 1526279

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