17 Ways Star Wars Is Basically Erotica Out Of Context

Childhood ruined.

1. Literally a scene playing out in bedrooms across the world right now.

ID: 1903610

2. Don’t worry Yoda, we’ve all had that moment of vertigo during reverse cowgirl.

ID: 1903204

3. Ewoks suck at a lot of things and that’s not always an insult apparently.

ID: 1903207

4. Leia, you judgmental bitch.

ID: 1903227

5. [muffled strip tease music plays in the distance]

ID: 1903248

6. “Hey pretty lady, you get abducted here often?”

ID: 1903419

7. The disappointment when the saber doesn’t live up to the hilt.

ID: 1903288

8. Boba Fett works hard and plays hard.

ID: 1903312

9. Jesus Lando, Han knows where the prostate is. Give him a minute.

ID: 1903338

10. Hahaha, Yoda is really riding Luke hard.

ID: 1903292

11. I doubt the ladies mind, Han.

ID: 1903358

12. Man humans look stupid mid-climax.

ID: 1903429

13. Oh Vader don’t be silly. Once a sub, always a sub.

ID: 1903371

14. See? Even your kid knows.

ID: 1903377

15. Droids need love too.

ID: 1903392

16. Yeah, that’s the spot.

ID: 1903585

17. We’ll leave you with the knowledge R2 always walked behind to check out dat ass.

ID: 1903407

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