22 Times The Justice League Proved Their Superpower Is Sass

Can one universe handle this much snark? Potential League members must be able to kick ass and cut a biting retort at a moment’s notice.

1. Superman takes his nickname very seriously.

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2. Batman knows his worth.

ID: 1726321

3. He also knows his weaknesses.

ID: 1730412

4. Supergirl has a sense of humor about hideouts.

ID: 1730222

6. Aquaman, also king of the deadpan.

ID: 1732159

7. Hawkgirl is fucking brutal.

ID: 1667023

9. Wonder Woman know the importance of custom fit.

ID: 1730999

10. Green Arrow and Black Canary own their status as the snark couple.

ID: 1732164

11. But these two are a close second.

ID: 1732265

12. The Flash is a fan of children’s Christmas parodies.

ID: 1730208

13. Question doesn’t play favorites.

ID: 1731989

14. But he is really terrible at phone sex. Huntress is not impresed.

ID: 1732043

15. Zatanna is 800% done with sexist bullshit.

ID: 1732163

16. Vigilante is all of us trying to program the DVR.

ID: 1732084

17. And Professor Palmer speaks to our very souls.

ID: 1732202

18. Batman gives zero shits about Green Lantern laws.

ID: 1730417

19. Vixen wants to know what exactly you’re implying Vigilante.

ID: 1731233

20. When in doubt, smash it right?

ID: 1730226

21. Even Lex Luthor gets in on the sass-ction.

ID: 1732006

22. Even the mundanes are bursting with snark! This little old lady knows what’s up.

ID: 1732273

The Justice League Unlimited universe is clearly missing a word.

Obviously it should be Justice League Unlimited SASS.

ID: 1732277

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